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Thank you Glenda and The Secret Team for your help spreading some Christmas Magic with your donations !  So grateful...thankful for The Magic by Rhonda Byrne

Yay!!!  Thanks Busch Gardens Williamsburg for the lovely donations and rack cards!!

Thank you Nicole @ Great Wolf Lodge Williamsburg!  Truly grateful for your help and wolf ears donations.  Look forward to sharing with my community.

Thank you team Hershey Entertainment & Resorts for the brochures!  So sweet of you all to send  informational materials for my family & community holiday acts of kindness. xoxo

Everything is Awesome!  Thanks LegoLand Florida for the informational rack cards!

Thank you Besame!  Thank you for the beautiful donations and I love being a Besame gal...

Thank you Mr. Lee Cockerell (former Executive Vice President of Operations for the Walt Disney World Resort)  for your signed donations.  Creating Magic is an amazing book and look forward to sharing it with my community

 Love DFB for fun tips and look forward to working together!  

Thanks so much DFB!  Click below for all your latest Disney tips and dinning experiences. 

Thank you Abraham-Hicks Publications for your help and resources with creating Magic this Christmas & New Year 2019!  So grateful for your donations and support.

Thank you Regina & the Joyce Meyer Ministry team for donating 40 Things the Word of God Does for You booklets!  Look forward to sharing them with my community.  Grateful for the blessings...

Thank you Katelyn...Kristin & the Turquoise Table Team for blessing my community with your lovely donation.  Your book & mission is such an inspiration and needed today throughout communities.

So blessed again!  Thank you Rev Ike Legacy Team for the book donations and kind words.  

Thank you UnderCover Tourist!  I look forward to sharing my beautiful new adventures.  Follow my journey through Universal Studios resorts with the help of UnderCover Tourist!  Click the icon above...

Wonderful News!  Brothers-all-Natural is helping with my 2019 giveaway baskets!  Thank you so much...

Yummy News!  Thank you YUMBOX for your support summer 2019!  Feeling  blessed & grateful for your help creating  fun healthy snacks for summer adventures.

Amazing Blessings!  Thank you Mike (owner of The Juicing Life Bar) for the summer 2019 gift certificates and donations.  

Thank you to this beautiful company LOTUSWEI...may your gracious and stunning gifts be a transformative blessing this holiday season.  xoxo

Thank you to the Ferguson Center for the Arts!!!  So very excited for your help this Christmas Season and look forward to sharing our love for the performing arts.

Thank you to the lovely Leanne Jacobs;  author of Beautiful Money 

Thank you to the beautiful Karen Drucker;  inspirational singer, songwriter & speaker. So thankful for your donations and support. 

Amazing...thank you DeStress Express Newport News VA!

Thank you Animare Salon & Spa City Center Newport News for your donation.

Yay Sunkist team!  You all are super sweet and kind to help us summer 2017!! ;)

Thank you Patrice Washington and Seek Wisdom Find Wealth Team!  So Blessed!

Thank you Courtney and her team for helping our cause Thanksgiving 2017!

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"Thankful for the work you do in our community"

Kings Dominion Parks Sales and Support Services Center Doswell VA 

"We love your message and wish you all the best in your endeavors"  Carissa Brown @ The  Santa Claus House (home of the original letter from Santa) North Pole Alaska

"Alicia, you're noticed for your unique creativity and positive outlook on life.  Your passion for children's success and everything you do speaks volumes.  Thank you for being an inspiration to all of us at K-Care." 

Joy I

"Going to miss you Alicia.  So glad to be part of the OneLife family.  Thankful  for you and all you have done for me and for us in our department."


"I would like to commend you on all the hard work you do;  the time and effort you put into any and everything you do.  Willing to help others to improve;  including myself.  Always looking out for others and is loyal which you don't meet people like that anymore.  Since working with you it's been nothing but positive vibes and fun.  I' feel like you've helped me grow a lot since I started and I'm very grateful for everything!!!"


"Alicia is a wonderful teacher and inspirational leader.  She enjoys giving families the opportunity to explore ways to enjoy themselves and create lasting memories.  Her drive, her passion and willingness to accomplish goals is what makes her a complete success in anything she pursues.  Her presence is positive, open and welcoming."

Joy W.

"I'm so honored to have met Alicia: a warm hearted, funny and loving creator who others look too in creativity and manifesting  joy and abundance.  Having the pleasure to improve professionally and personally working along side Alicia...is an honor. 

     She has helped us all notice the joy and fun in life."

Sally Martinez Department Manager @ OneLife Fitness Newport News

I have witnessed first hand the love Ms. Alicia has for the children and the dedication she shows at OneLife Fitness.  She's a motivator, team player and extremely dependable"

Ingrid C  Former Department Head @ OneLife Fitness Newport News VA

"Yes girl!!! This sounds awesome.  I think this is so great! I would love to work with you" 

Janelle Issis, Professional Dancer/Entertainer and So You Think You Can Dance Season 9 as top 6th female finalist

"The school you started looks fantastic, the website is so inviting" 

Andrea, Clinical Aromatherapist and founder of the Aromahead Institute

"LOVE your site!  Your passion for the subject shines through each word and photo" 

Lynn Robinson, M.Ed  Renowned international speaker, best selling author and intuitive consultant

"YOU are AMAZING!" Janine Finney Co-Author of "The Flip Flop CEO"

"Alicia is one of those people you can't help but be excited to see and talk to whether it is work related or not.  In the work environment, she always went above her duties to keep the children and staff safe, happy and always represented her department in the most positive way.  On a personal level; she is just such a pleasure. Trustworthy, funny, intuitive and honest are but a few of the characteristics that many have used to describe her."

Terie W @ OneLife Fitness Former Group Exercise Director

"Ms. Alicia is one of the most kindhearted, caring, generous and passionate leader I've ever had the pleasure to work with.  She went out of her way to educate me on everything I needed to learn and then some when it came to early childhood education.  This helped properly prepare me for many of the challenges that come with working in a preschool setting.  I can't thank her enough."

Lauren C.  Preschool Teacher Assistant

"I'm so honored that I had the opportunity to work with Ms. Alicia.  Her creativity is so incredible and she always finds a way to get the kids involved with fun activities.  Your child will have an awesome experience learning with Ms. Alicia"

Naisha, parent

"Alicia has a special connection with children.  The children love to do special art activities with her .  Because she puts so much effort into what she does, it always turns out magical and fun.  Her love for all children pours through and my son enjoyed her workshops and classes."

Bonita M, Early Childhood Educator

"It looks like you have a vibrant business and are doing many things to improve your community. Good job!" 

Moni Castaneda, Feng Shui Consultant, Teacher and Author

"I had the pleasure of working with Ms. Alicia.  She is an amazing person, hard worker and loves children.  She is so full of energy and so creative.  Alicia makes a difference in many lives of children"

Sabrina, Early Childhood Educator

"I don't know if anybody bothered to tell you or not, but your time as my daughters teacher and I'm sure with other children really helped shape her in a positive way.  You're an incredible person"

Mr. Opera, parent

"Alicia is a hardworking employee who is very dedicated.  She genuinely cares about each individual child and very easy to get along with"

Heather J, Early Childhood Educator

"You bring out the best in us with your love and kindness. Blessings always"  Mrs. Ivuoma, Lead Teacher @ Bethel Temple Child Development Center and OneLife Fitness Kids Club Attendant 

"BEAUTIFUL idea, project and approach" Cheyan, Creator of Tall-n-Curly, graphic designer, writer and illustrator

"Your ideas are amazing and creative.  You should go to Shark Tank" 

 Health Fair Visitor 

"Alicia is an upbeat, easy to work with and dedicated employee who is always giving the best customer service!  I once was a coworker of hers and I enjoyed how positive she was in the workplace.  She is inspiring!"

Chelsie, Early Childhood Educator 

"Alicia embodies everything a great employee should be.  Her joyous spirit is contagious.  I couldn't imagine a better person to have as a coworker"

Heather R, Early Childhood Educator

"We looked over your site and think it is fantastic!  We think it would be a great fit for our products" PlanetBox 

"I love every minute that I get to work with Alicia.  She is the most kind, helpful and trustworthy person I know.  She has this personality that you can't help but love her" Ashley R. @ the-lash-princess.com

"I love the way you not only want to bring happiness and goodness into the world, but you actually go out there and make changes so great things happen!  What a blessing you are!" Rebecca Mason, Manager Dove Chocolate Discoveries/Independent Chocolatier

"You are a tremendous asset to the community" Holly Johnson, Senior Manager at Riverside Child Development & Learning Center, Nerium Brand Partner

"Grand work you are doing" Nicki Withers, Well Balanced studios and Leader of Music Movement Magic Nia Retreat at Willka T'ika Peru

"You do so much for our center and community.  You're greatly appreciated.  Thank you for all that you do.  You are an amazing person with a big heart.  I'm happy to have you as a friend."  

 Early Childhood Educator 

"Thank you Alicia for all the knowledge, creativity and beauty you have introduced me too" Clint

 "Many blessings to you.  A wonderful tribute to your parents & family!"

"God is using your story to be a blessing to the community" 

"The community bags you created are wonderful, fun and inspiring" 

"Very creative and look forward to reading your children's book" Parent

"You are really very super talented.  You are blessed with a creative gift." Hampton University Coach

                         We just adore you Ms. Alicia and are so glad we've met you!"  

                               Genise & family @ OneLife Fitness Newport News VA

"You are an asset to our company" Owner/Director 

"Love, love, love it" Parent

"Such a loving and kind person." Parent

"A wonderful teacher" Parent

"Beautiful dancer and teacher" Parent

"I love everything" Student

"Brilliant" Visitor